Its not what you drive. . . .Its what drives you.
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 Not really to bitch

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PostSubject: Not really to bitch   Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:49 pm

Not posting this to bitch really, but more just to say it. Life isn't that bad, except for the baby momma being stupid and keeping my daughter from me. But other than that things are looking good. I got a new job working pretty much full time, and by the end of this year I should be either an assistant manager or even a manager. I've decided on my first tattoo i'm going to get, it'll be a bar code on my left arm on the underside of the wrist, underneath the bar code it'll say "Get Fucked". Then after that i'll worry about saving up the money for my half sleeve on my upper right arm. Also in another two months I should be in my own place, so thats another plus. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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Not really to bitch
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